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Should you give it away as a promo product if you make your money selling food? The connection seems like a natural fit, but the fact is that the food service industry looks first to apparel and hard goods when it comes to their promotional items needs.
Whereas, don’t discount food as a powerful gift, particularly as suppliers offer the capability to connected it into a kitted package. Mosinee, WI-based Maple Ridge Farms has added logoed promotional mugs, beach bags, towels, tumblers, cheese boards and office accessories to its food baskets from suppliers that distributors already trust. “The big thing for our distributor partners is they get to utilize those same supplier relationships and pair it together with our food gifts,” says Jodie Schillinger, director of customer care for Maple Ridge Farms. “Suppliers are trying to be more agile in competing with e-commerce. We’re competing with insta-click and ship. We need to ask ourselves, what are you doing to disrupt it back?”
As far as the cheap personalized trends, Schillinger says spice-infused foods and candies are popular now, echoing the National Restaurant Association report that saw ethnic spices come in at number 10 on its Top 20 Food Trends list for 2018 and number two on its Condiments and Accouterments forecast. Sea salt is also on-trend and very popular Schillinger says: Maple Ridge Farms’ sea salt chocolate caramels – a “rookie product just several years ago,” she adds – is now its bestselling chocolate. Customized logo promotions of wood is also trending, she says, in the form of crates to hold food and cutting boards inside food-gift baskets. 

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