As we are getting over the colder months of the year when traditionally Australian spend more time at home and concentrate on team sports like the various football codes and to capture the attention of the population. While Summer is a time of freedom and outdoor activity it is not necessarily the best time to […]

We have talked so many times here about the profit for a company in investing some of the marketing budget in promotional bags. However, the specifics of the individual bag categories and the advantage they offer to the wise businessmen have not been explored as deeply. This is why we now venture into the field […]

It is all about instant communication for modern business and mobile devices have become an essential part of everyone’s day, so it seems like lifetimes ago that people had to depend on public telephones and fax machines to communicate with their suppliers and customers. For some people in earlier generations, of course, public phones and […]

Canny businessmen are always in the market for the best product which has broad appeal and a very low unit cost. Therefore, promotional mints have to be close to the solution to this age old dilemma. The mints are popular among everyone, because they are very cheap, and the key point is that they can […]

We’re always in the market for high level branding at a low level price in promotional industry, and in this respect there are no better options than promotional hand fans. The great range of colors, shapes, styles and forms means there is something available for most applications. The main reason is that these fans have […]