New Trends for 2019 Promo Products

There are new opportunities and product styles for the promotional industry since it has becoming more and more popular these years and it affects company’s brand significantly. As fashions change every year and the attention of the public shifts with popular culture so the branded merchandise ideas companies find work best to promote their products and services change with the times. So what are our new trends of the products which will be most popular in 2019? cup
The expansive range of reusable coffee cups and mugs are likely to be as popular in 2019 as 2018 since eco friendliness and personal convenience are becoming the two of the main factors in driving the popularity of individual classes of promotional products. So many people depend on their morning takeaway coffee to make the day started on the right foot. Insulated cups have many advantages which make them the wonderful personal gift people appreciate which is one of the major reasons promotional marketing still returns on investment as well as it ever has. Providing high level insulation, a cool outer shell which does not change temperature with the addition of hot or cold contents and airtight selling lids to keep the contents at the best temperature for longer, and these beverage essentials have year round appeal, working as well with hot contents as they do with cold. As a promotional present to staff or as a way to engage with new and existing clients insulated mugs are sure to continue to be top of the pops in 2019.
Last year, these new ranges of Promo products were amazingly popular and the ranges available kept on growing as the year progressed. Not only are vacuum insulated bottles a great way to maintain personal hydration in the hot months of the year, because their insulating properties cover both hot and cold beverages they have year round appeal. This is the best way to maximize your return on promotional investment, combined with the fact that people keep them close and often take them out while walking or exercising. Early indications are that the ranges available will continue to grow in 2019 while the branding opportunities available will also expand. Usually screen printing or laser engraving has been the great ways in which vacuum bottles are branded but new technical breakthroughs are now permitting full color digital printing on the curved surfaces without distortion.
As mentioned above, reusable insulated coffee mugs were one of the surprising hit products of the last year. Most of the successful products are made of double walled stainless steel however the product which rose out of the pack to be a clear leader in popularity was the glass walled metro cup. Constructed in a similar manner to the stainless steel options available, metro promotional cups have a double walled design with a vacuum between the walls which science has proven to be the most effective form of insulation possible. Combine this unbelievable feature with the fact that dozens of different color combinations are possible my mixing and matching the silicone caps and branding bands and you have the ability to put together a promo product option which is very special to your organization.



Practical Coasters for Promotion

Next time when you’re having a quiet drink at the pub, please don’t forget to look more closely at the table in front of you because the most powerful branding device in the room is sitting right in front of you. Promotional coasters are one of the cheapest items available on our website, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a great tool used the right way to deliver a mess of messages. 
When people relax and start to have a good time the subtle yet in your face message which is printed on each coaster on the bar or on the table is likely to catch much more attention. People may not even aware of the fact they are scrutinizing the message and that it is having a subtle yet undeniable effect on them. It is this effective branding and message delivery which is one of the main reasons that custom printed coasters have long been a successful way in which marketers in many industries connect with people enjoying the hospitality of an entertainment establishment.
The beer companies are the main party to take advantage of coasters. Think about the many times that you consume a drink or beverage and the locations in which this consumption takes place. For example, there are many ways and places around the office in which a coaster can come in handy. Not only do coasters have a useful role to play in the average day – that of absorbers of condensation which might otherwise mark a wooden surface or leave an unsightly ring on a desktop, the addition of a printed message means that it is unavoidable that people will notice these items which like mouse mats take advantage of the highly visible space on top of a desk.
Of course people are used to traditional cardboard coasters and many people consider them to be the best style to go with as they’re cheap to produce and can be disposed of with a minimum of fuss afterwards and replaced with a new item at a cost of only cents per item. Buy higher end coasters are also available like bamboo coasters which advertise your company’s eco friendly credentials or stainless steel coasters which can be laser engraved with your logo and message and make a stylish statement as either a corporate gift or as an accessory for the office boardroom.
So, we are confident to say that the classic promotional products are really a practical and cost effective way to promote your brand more widely.


Promotional Gifts

Domestic Crossover Promotional Gifts

Those who are interested in promotional products are well aware of the way in which they infiltrate the office workspace, the fact that promotional gift is a perfect medium for getting your message into a domestic situation is not household news in deed. Apparently, this is important news for companies which supply domestically orientated product lines and services but more that that even for those who focus on supplying business with their services and supplies the fact that  promotional gifts  stays around the house and often achieves a high level of usage is something which every marketer should consider when next making the choice on how to divide the available marketing budget. 
Imagine if the effect of influencing decisions by buyers is necessarily more powerful when the message is installed in a standard business environment. Traditionally marketers divide the domestic and business words into two different audiences but the recent revelation that promotional merchandise carrying custom branding has influence regardless of its location is reason to consider the domestic market as one where a business promotional message can be placed effectively. For example, it seems that the clutter of messages in the home is less than one would expect in a business environment so the likelihood of cut-through and visibility being enhanced in the domestic environment is increased to a large extend. 
The real trick to getting this type of promotional marketing right is to ensure the message you propose to offer is properly designed to take account of the location in which it will be viewed. Making reference to the fact that you are hoping your promotional gifts makes it into a domestic situation yet affects their purchasing determinations in the office is the most effective way to approach this message development. Consider the fact that children and spouses are also involved so something which gives the appearance of your offering something of value to your nearest and dearest is a great way to emotionally engage with a likely buyer. This indirect approach is something which marketers effectively use in so other market segments and there is no reason to believe that the interest consumers have in their own family’s well being is not an important motivating factor in all of their business life.
The fact that most of the families have a branded promotional product in their kitchen which can be connected with an outstanding brand is all the reason you need to consider a giveaway based on product categories which fulfill these consumer needs.


Essential Promotional Sunscreen in summer

There are many vital things to the promotional marketer and one of the most important is consider the different climatic effects that engaging in outdoor sponsorships can cause to your potential target market. No matter if it is a hot day or not, we now know that ultraviolet rays are able to penetrate cloud cover and cause bad effects for those people who are sensitive to them. Therefore, the use of promotional sunscreen products with a custom printed logo is essential for those wanting to connect with and engage exactly with their client base when making business in Australia.
It’s a household fact that the people of Australia are very much interested in the outdoors and supporting their preferred sporting teams. It makes much sense as the great outdoors in Australia is considered to be some of the most pristine and accessible in the world. With interest growing in the natural environment and more and more people wanting to experience it every year promotional sunscreen products, whether they be bottles, spray on or wipes have become a must-have item in the promotional arsenal of companies wanting to engage with Australian consumers.
Think about the products you are using for the promotional marketing and the various sponsorships or outdoor events your organization sponsors or supports. This could simply be something like handing out tickets to an event all the way through to being a naming rights sponsor of a specific fixture or major venue. Not only is it considered to be a necessary item to give away these days but it is also a matter of legal responsibility in many cases. You want to be seen as a good corporate citizen and you want to make sure that your staff is protected from the negative aspects of the Australian climate and for both these reasons the use of promotional sunscreen or sun-block is a good way to both engage with consumers and give a nice solution to the problem of UV exposure.Promotional
Think for a while also of your staff and their needs. If they go outdoors to perform their duties at any stage, you may be legally responsible for the consequences. The laws are very specific when it comes to the provision of UV proof clothing a headwear for staff. The icing on the cake and the final evidence that you take your responsibilities in this respect seriously is the provision of promotional products for those members you should protect.
Since promotional sun-block lasts a long time and it’s unlikely a recipient is going to use all that is found in a branded tube at one event most people will take the custom sunscreen you’ve given them and take it home with them so the life of your brand exposure is extended and may be seen by people attending multiple events, not just simply the activity at which you originally distributed the product initially. This is one of the ideal situations where the cost of branding and handing out a promotional item is amortized across multiple exposures and therefore creases much greater cost efficiencies.


promotional gift

2019 Popular Promotional Ideas

As 2018 is drawing to an end, and 2019 is coming to us, now it is a right time to look back at what happened over the last 12 months in the amazing world of promotional products marketing. As always the promotions industry tracks the average trends within society and this year remains the same that score with many new creations and practical giveaways making the cut as perfect product devices. Promotional
With a wide spread of clients in almost every industry the orders and requests made by Fresh Promotions clients are a typical example of the overall well-being of the market and the trends which marketers are following. There was an upswing regarding to promotional items amongst major marketing companies according to last year. Here are some insights into the products ordered and the direction in which marketing companies were dealing with their promotional activity.
Traditional promotional gift ideas like mugs and pens were as strong as they have ever been over the last 12 months but the real growth in sales has come from traditional products with a revised twist. This tends to confirm much of the promotional market is about innovation and novelty as we have always understood. A popular promotional product is one which has practical value and this is why typical promotional products which have a value beyond their ability to simply carry a logo will always be top of the pops when it comes to promotional marketing.
Maybe it is the weather of Australia, or maybe it is a trend towards eco friendliness but one of the most popular gifts this year has been insulated metal drink bottles. Combining the technical aspects of a thermos flask with its high level of vacuum insulation, the new range of metal bottles which have proven to be highly popular are copper lined which enhances the level of insulation offered and adds a further layer or integrity to the engineering. Available in ranges from 500ml through to a big size this range of insulated, double walled promotional bottles is said to be a hit with consumers and marketers alike. The fact that they can be branded with either laser engraving or screen printing of your logo is also a reason for them to have become popular marketing items.
And perhaps it’s also a sign of the times that when our minds are filled with the endless stream of flickering images which appear on the screens that the fidget cube and similar fidget products have become a popular branding device in 2017. With the local media taking notice of this trend and with thousands of people making them part of their daily lives the likelihood of people coming in contact with one of these amusing novelty products is higher than ever, therefore, many smart businessmen have rushed to make good use of the general appreciation and publicity they have generated.


A Must Have Promotional Bottle Openers

Nowadays, the refreshing beverages are consumed promotional bottle openers have an important place in their lives, this is not just for the average Australian, but for people who work in hospitality, in restaurants or anywhere. These essential items which tirelessly act a crucial duty the branding chances which the promotional bottle openers offer go far beyond the fact that they have a simple job which they make so perfect. rolex
There are various styles and shapes of the bottle openers, relying on the price and the branding style you wish to apply there are dozens of styles available which perform the basic test assigned to them with aplomb. For the connoisseur of fine wines there are sophisticated and scientifically designed wine openers which ensure that the atmosphere is mixed with the contents of an expensive bottle of wine at exactly, but at the other end of the spectrum a simple plastic bottle opener which will pop the top off a bottle of fizzy drink is just as effective at doing its job and many would doubt that the actual pay-off to the consumer in flavor and enjoyment is little different though there would be a multiple of 100’s of times in considering the relative cost of the bottles to which the openers had been applied.
Traditionally it has been the beverage industry which has utilized promotional products openers to best effect and it’s not difficult to understand the reason. A bottle opener which carries the brand of say a famous beer label is likely to be kept and used and the rub-off effect for the association is a natural so a virtuous circle of promotional appeal develops. Of course a practical and simple way to make sure that you always have the tools on hand which need to open a bottle of your favorite foaming beverage is the key-ring bottle opener. Whether made of stainless steel, cast iron, simple and cheaply from plastic, there’s no doubt that a bottle opener which is always on hand and which doubles as a tag carrying your brand is powerful tool, especially when it’s called into play to open a bottle and provide instant refreshment. Your brand and your offer will not be forgotten and will be looked upon favorably thereafter once it has come to the rescue and proven its inherent value.
Larger, hand-held bottle openers are almost the same in hospitality venues and the fact that they must work efficiently and with a little attention is a given in the often fast-paced world of hospitality. Most bartenders had the own preferred style and once they’ve bonded with such an item it will seldom leave their side. The average drinker tends to notice the preferences of a beverage professional, if your company logo is outstanding enough and regularly used by a professional purveyor of alcoholic beverages the potential of your brand will also guarantee to increase.


Most Popular Promotional Beanies

As we are getting over the colder months of the year when traditionally Australian spend more time at home and concentrate on team sports like the various football codes and to capture the attention of the population. While Summer is a time of freedom and outdoor activity it is not necessarily the best time to be marketing to consumers as people are more engaged with the great things in the world which they can obtain for free and which Australia has in abundance. This is why winter and the colder time are a boon for Australian marketers and why you should think of promotional beanies as the weather changes and starts to favor indoor activities. promotional
Completed with embroidery of your logo and design, the promotional products have long been associated with the traditional alpine winter sports which dominate the Northern Hemisphere’s colder months, like skiing and tobogganing. But here in Australia, given the inherent qualities of beanies, they are also a perfect product to offer top people whose attention is drawn to the footballs or other activities which do not necessarily involve climbing a mountain or in the case of alpine sports in Australia, spending a month’s pay for a weekends frolicking in the snow. Next time the football graces the television screen in front of you, and believe me you won’t need to wait long for this to happen, look closely at the headwear of the people in the crowd and you’ll see that promotional beanies, custom embroidered with your logo or marketing message are a branding chance which you should not miss out on.
A product like a beanie which not only comes with an outstanding logo but which also offers personal comfort and fashion styling is the great promotional gifts for the Australian winter. You can take advantage of the inherent head warming attributes of a beanie, and you can take advantage of the high visibility nature of any branding you apply. A personal endorsement is the best reference anyone can receive in marketing and therefore beanies as an amazing headwear item are something you should consider in the colder months of the year. Promotional Beanies
As we mentioned above, promotional headwear is the best garment to provide an effective personal gift with high branding impact. People are glad to wear baseball caps or promotional visors. Over the warmer months of the year, which have a peak which keeps the glare of the harsh Australian sun from upsetting their eyes. But in the Winter months, when some would say headwear is just as important though for different reasons its only the humble beanie which appears as branding option for most companies in most situations. Look further into how an embroidered beanie can benefit your brand, and don’t forget it’s not just customers but members of your own staff who will appreciate these wonderfully effective promotional items.


Promotional Bags

Natural Cotton Promotional Bags in Popular

We have talked so many times here about the profit for a company in investing some of the marketing budget in promotional bags. However, the specifics of the individual bag categories and the advantage they offer to the wise businessmen have not been explored as deeply. This is why we now venture into the field of promotional bags to talk about the many chances which the present in a company’s use of them in its various fields of endeavor.
Many companies, in this day and age, use a branded promotional gifts as a way to signal their brand values and company direction. Of course anyone can make any claim in advertising, often it seems regardless of the law, however in this day and age many people are naturally skeptical of claims mad in advertising any claims made by way of the media for that matter. The overwhelming interest in “fake news” which has become a big problem in modern current affairs spills over into a general cynicism about everything people read online. This is going to be the world of business and now, more than ever before, consumers and business people are prone to question any claims which are made in the world of business and commerce. 
The importance of making “green” or eco friendly claims about a business is critical for its success these days. Whether the claims have any meaning or the efforts companies apply o reduce degradation of the environment are another thing totally, but over the past decade people have come to believe that specific actions are beneficial to the environment and are possibly to reward a company with their business if their claims are consistent with these beliefs. Promotional tote bags are one of those products which consumers immediately associate with eco consciousness. The reasons for people reacting positively to a company which hands out cotton bags either as a shopping gift or as a way to promote their branding to a wider audience is that there is an undeniable reality about cotton bags which side-steps the issues which come to the fore in the “fake news” era.
So, if you are looking for a practical device like a bag, which you plan to use at a conference, a tradeshow or at retail level consider the inherent advantages which cotton promotional bags offer. It is not only a highly effective way in which you can public the word about your brand, it is also a perfect device for which people will find a multitude of uses. At the end of the day this is the ultimate objective of promotional marketing, to find a product which people will not only delight in owning, but which will keep on working to promote your brand regardless of the sphere of influence in which it finds its home.


Cheap Promotional Charging Cables of Mobile Phones

It is all about instant communication for modern business and mobile devices have become an essential part of everyone’s day, so it seems like lifetimes ago that people had to depend on public telephones and fax machines to communicate with their suppliers and customers. For some people in earlier generations, of course, public phones and fax machines also seemed to be important leaps forward in technology, but it would be difficult to argue that the changes in the last two decades have been more significant and had a bigger effect onto working and daily lives of more people than innovations which occurred in the preceding 50 years. The reason is that mobile communication devices are a critical link in the business day of people it makes sense that there is a chance there for promotional marketers to make good use of the likelihood that people with whom they do business will need to recharge on the run and therefore items like promotional phone charging cables are a cost effective way to make sure your logo is printed to a custom promotional product which people will keep close at hand and use regularly. 
We found that the obvious changes in the way charging chords are designed is only as a marketing tool for the manufacturers of the main smart phone and tablet computer brands. We know that Apple and Samsung both use different charging chord configurations and as a result there is a limited ability to cross over between the systems. Equally, some people may have multiple devices and are unable to recharge from a single cable. This is why the promotional phone charging cables which feature multiple connection styles are very popular and salable. No matter what device you carry, or even if you have multiple devices you need not be without power again. Promotional products
As a corporate gift idea a 3 in one phone charger cable is difficult to beat. Everyone needs them and even people don’t have a direct business application for the charging cable gift you gave them they are unlikely to discard an item which has such a practical value. People may give it to one of their kids or somebody else in the office this gaining the admiration of the final recipient, some of which is doomed to be returned to you, the person responsible for initiating the whole process.
Working out the most useful way to allocate your promotional budget is emoting which keeps many business people occupied for months and ultimately there is no exactly right or wrong answer at the end of the process.
We are sure of one thing and that is finding item with genuine practical value which provides support and help in the daily lives of the recipients, and it is a perfect place to start when assessing the suitability of unique items to carry your brand. Therefore, the promotional mobile phone gear as a general category or promo merchandise which remains extremely popular and consequently one which all business marketers should keep as a perpetual choice.


Promotional Mints Help Freshen Up Your Brand

Canny businessmen are always in the market for the best product which has broad appeal and a very low unit cost. Therefore, promotional mints have to be close to the solution to this age old dilemma. The mints are popular among everyone, because they are very cheap, and the key point is that they can be used in many business situations. The wide range of pack styles and the good level branding chances which are available make these classic cost effective personal gifts a must have item for personal marketing.
Say your company has spent so much fortune on a trade show stand and wants to maximize the return on investment. A simple and proven way in which to attract more people to your display and keep them there for longer with a higher level of engagement is to hand out promotional confectionery to attendees. There are many different styles of mints amongst the most widely popular items available in the confectionery category. There’s a pack type and a product style for every marketing opportunity. Whether it is small branded packs of mints or promotional mint cards you’ll find the different choices cover all needs.
The significant promotional mint card has become one of the most popular ways in which people use mints. The fact that the sugar free mints are supplied in a handy business card sized receptacle which has high level branding included.
One of the major reasons they are such popular promotional items is the large scale opportunity for branding available on mint packs and mint cards. You can print anything you like on your order of mints so you can develop a message which plays off the product and adds value to your marketing. Now what you need to do is to consider how your company can use mints and what messaging will match your products and services with these popular confectionery items.
For salespeople and cold callers offering mints to people is a useful way to get a foot in the door and continue to get access. Handing out packets of mints to receptionists and business contacts keeps them on side so when they see you coming next time people will be joyful to see you. It’s amazing how such a simple device which costs so little has such a great affect.