Many jeans wholesalers are afraid of ordering custom jeans. Today you’re going to learn some tips on how to reduce risk while customizing jeans and how to wash your jeans.   First, you should do jeans design research. We’d like to know whether this kind of jeans is popular in your market. Second, let the jeans […]

Even now, as we live in an electronic world where electronic messages and electronic images are all about us throughout the day, there is still a place in the business world for old-fashioned printed messages. Let’s face it, when you want to quickly draft out a mere message or write down a phone number, it’s […]

Most people spend as much time in the kitchen as they do in any other room of the house, so it stands to reason that you should use promotional kitchen utensils and kitchen accessories to promote your brand. Certainly, in times like today, where businesses do nothing for materialism and consumption, it is an acceptable […]

Have you ever heard of soap made from beer? What would persuade you to try? Sometimes all it takes is a well-brewed brand to sell an unusual product. This month, we’re launching a creative contest for the company commander Flex logo. You guessed it, Commander Flex is a unique company that makes soap out of […]

There’s nothing wrong with custom coasters as a gift or gift. There’s nothing better than a cold drink at the end of a long day, so these little cushions are sure to be used over and over again. Now you know why you decorate coasters, but the real question is how? Why do you need […]

You may already use microfiber to clean your home or car, but have you ever considered using it to advertise your business, campaign, or charity? Microfiber is a durable material and a practical bonus. Learn how to use microfiber to advertise in a way you never thought possible before. No matter what industry you are […]

Regardless of a person’s health level, drinking more water is an important habit for their health. You can help your customers accept promotional water bottles. There are many types, but the slimmer ones tend to be preferred by fitness-conscious people.   You’ll notice that some promotional water bottles have more specific uses. For example, some are […]

Sunglasses are one of the most useful promotional items you can give away because the recipient will likely use them for years. Of course, the problem with ordinary sunglasses design is the lack of promotion space, so you must carefully choose a frame design to maximize the size of your brand name and logo.  The […]

Whether you’re participating in a team sport, fitness, marathon or race, these promotions are designed to fit any active lifestyle! Add your logo to these promotions while helping your current customers get in the mood and promote your brand. 1. Cheap Promotional Sports Bottle Print your logo where your mouth is on this sports water […]

These on-the-go custom products make the journey a little easier, and garner impressions at crowded airports and train stations. End-users can protect their identities with this unique promotional wristband wallet featuring RFID-blocking material and a zipper pocket to hide and secure ID and credit cards; In addition to identifying baggage, silicone luggage tags are also […]