Further to our last blog, we have more promotional items for fitness

Regardless of a person’s health level, drinking more water is an important habit for their health. You can help your customers accept promotional water bottles. There are many types, but the slimmer ones tend to be preferred by fitness-conscious people.  
You’ll notice that some promotional water bottles have more specific uses. For example, some are designed as bike water bottles so they fit into bottle holders on bicycles. This can be a great choice because it appeals to cyclists, but non-cyclists can get great use from it too.
Promotional fitness products don’t only have to help your customers get in shape. They can also focus on helping them recognize their results.
Measuring tape is a perfect way to help your customers recognize their progress. They tend to appeal most to people who are trying to either lose weight or bulk up, like bodybuilders. If your clientele could fall into either of those two categories, branded measuring tape could be the way to go.
Certainly, make sure you look for “measuring tape” rather than a “tape measure.” You want a plain, flexible measuring tape without a plastic or metal housing so it’s flexible enough for body measurements.
Speaking of assisting your customers to see their results, have you thought about promotional smart scales?
A smart scale can measure various health statistics. In addition to weight, some can measure body fat, body mass index or BMI, water weight, and much more. They typically have accompanying apps the user can download so their results go right to their phones for easy tracking.
Keep in mind that, as impressive of a gift as these scales are, they do cost more than most other custom promotional products. They’re best reserved for qualified leads and people whose heads you really want to turn.
Frisbees, basketballs, footballs, and more are fantastic ways to promote the more fun side of getting in shape. Who knows? You could even encourage a neighborhood pick-up game or some athletic family time.
When you’re choosing what to give away, remember what’s popular in your area and what’s accessible at the time. For instance, if you live in an area that’s snow-covered until April, a basketball would be a better choice than any free promotional gifts.
Everyone knows how important exercise and fitness are to a long and healthy life. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. That’s why so many people make fitness-related resolutions every year.
As a business owner, you can make good use of this knowledge. With branded fitness giveaways, you can help your customers improve their lives while also spreading the word about your company. The above tips will help you get started.

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