Top Promotional Products during Busy Season

If you’re an accountant in the financial industry, and particularly if you are in public accounting, we have to say that you’re in the final stretch! Of course, if you’re a partner of an accounting firm, you know how hard your employees have worked to help your company grow, impress your clients and motivate your staff, so there are no excuses. You have to reward them. What better way than with some free, branded, company swag? Bonus if you surprise them before busy season is over. You’ll fire their morale and they’ll make it to the finish line pumped on adrenaline.
When it comes to energy, how much coffee have your employees been drinking?. That’s why they need Branded Coffee Mugs for promotion in their lives. Already have a mug with the company logo on it? We bet you do, so give one with a funny saying imprinted on it to help your employees laugh rather than cry during this trying time.  
Of course all of this additional work means an important overtime bonus! Oh wait, that’s right you guys are salaried. Simply place the card in front of your credit cards in your wallet, and internet hackers will be S.O.L Even better, this data blocker comes attached to a customizable card. We know there’s most likely a lack of artistic talent in your firm, which is where we come in with our in-house-design team. We can design personalized killer card for your brand promotions.
You’re not a regular partner, you’re a wonderful partner. Which is why you’re going to show up to the 4/15 bar-crawl with these bad boys. That’s right, nice promotional Neon LED Pint glasses. Who are we kidding? You can’t take these into a bar – these are for the pre-game.
Add in even more excitement to the drunken sloppy glory that is 4/15. Now your company can be known as the accountants who get stuff done by day, and have laser Jedi light saber matches by night! Endless joy is priceless. Everyone will love these, and totally forget that they just clocked in a 90-hour-week.
The party has ended and the company is closed for the following day. Everyone is nursing their worst hangover ever. But your employees surely appreciated the extra kudos and swag you got them this year. Now it’s time for a pleasant summer before the fall busy season.

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