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There are some ideas of publicity that seem to really capture the public imagination every year. Reusable glass coffee cups have been one of the best-selling promotional gifts of the past 12 months. They are so popular, first, because they are a modern kitchen and practical benefits in addition to any desk or office double wall of vacuum insulation design to ensure that your favorite hot drink temperature kept at the right time is an effective, a cup of high levels of insulation cup can feel, not uncomfortable. 
The most popular double-wall glass and the first one offered to the market is the subway cup, which has many advantages, some cheaper and later entering the market part. Metro cup series offers 15 different silicone contrasting colors for your choice. With two large silicone straps you can hold the cup without changes from your understanding and a sealed lid is available for contrasting colors and better colors you can mix and match to create a unique final product suitable for your brand or company uniform color combination. The metro cup is made of clean, lightweight borosilicate glass and was built without bisphenol a, making it a healthy and practical choice for marketers.
The recently added vacuum-walled glass part is the Viking express cup, which has many of the same features recorded as the metro cup with a larger overall volume. Mixing and matching colors to enjoy a truly clean and simple effect of all the glass cups experts believe is an ideal medium for enjoying the taste of drinking hot drinks without the impossibility of contaminated container materials.
For a completely clear and clean appearance and general purpose drink and beverage use, it is difficult to pass through a double-walled cup. These have many features in common with similar models designed for Metro cups and hot drinks, but in this case they are mostly used for cold, alcoholic drinks. While the promotional glass coffee cups are ideal for the colder months of the year, these double-walled cups are perfect containers for the warmer months of the year. You can add ice and cold drinks because you know the vacuum insulation of glass will keep it at the right temperature for longer. Even better, the insulation works by keeping the reduced temperature inside the glass, reducing the possibility of condensation on the outside surface. That means you’re less likely to leave an ugly ring on the table.
When you consider which reusable cup is best for your promotional campaign, in addition to stylistic and practical considerations, the main reason people choose this style of beverage container is out of eco-friendly consideration, which is the attribute of natural flow. Glass coffee cups are reusable, easy to clean, and have a better level of insulation, which ensures that most of the content is kept at the right temperature for longer, and we will see more products in the future.

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