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2019 Popular Promotional Ideas

As 2018 is drawing to an end, and 2019 is coming to us, now it is a right time to look back at what happened over the last 12 months in the amazing world of promotional products marketing. As always the promotions industry tracks the average trends within society and this year remains the same that score with many new creations and practical giveaways making the cut as perfect product devices. Promotional
With a wide spread of clients in almost every industry the orders and requests made by Fresh Promotions clients are a typical example of the overall well-being of the market and the trends which marketers are following. There was an upswing regarding to promotional items amongst major marketing companies according to last year. Here are some insights into the products ordered and the direction in which marketing companies were dealing with their promotional activity.
Traditional promotional gift ideas like mugs and pens were as strong as they have ever been over the last 12 months but the real growth in sales has come from traditional products with a revised twist. This tends to confirm much of the promotional market is about innovation and novelty as we have always understood. A popular promotional product is one which has practical value and this is why typical promotional products which have a value beyond their ability to simply carry a logo will always be top of the pops when it comes to promotional marketing.
Maybe it is the weather of Australia, or maybe it is a trend towards eco friendliness but one of the most popular gifts this year has been insulated metal drink bottles. Combining the technical aspects of a thermos flask with its high level of vacuum insulation, the new range of metal bottles which have proven to be highly popular are copper lined which enhances the level of insulation offered and adds a further layer or integrity to the engineering. Available in ranges from 500ml through to a big size this range of insulated, double walled promotional bottles is said to be a hit with consumers and marketers alike. The fact that they can be branded with either laser engraving or screen printing of your logo is also a reason for them to have become popular marketing items.
And perhaps it’s also a sign of the times that when our minds are filled with the endless stream of flickering images which appear on the screens that the fidget cube and similar fidget products have become a popular branding device in 2017. With the local media taking notice of this trend and with thousands of people making them part of their daily lives the likelihood of people coming in contact with one of these amusing novelty products is higher than ever, therefore, many smart businessmen have rushed to make good use of the general appreciation and publicity they have generated.


A Must Have Promotional Bottle Openers

Nowadays, the refreshing beverages are consumed promotional bottle openers have an important place in their lives, this is not just for the average Australian, but for people who work in hospitality, in restaurants or anywhere. These essential items which tirelessly act a crucial duty the branding chances which the promotional bottle openers offer go far beyond the fact that they have a simple job which they make so perfect. rolex
There are various styles and shapes of the bottle openers, relying on the price and the branding style you wish to apply there are dozens of styles available which perform the basic test assigned to them with aplomb. For the connoisseur of fine wines there are sophisticated and scientifically designed wine openers which ensure that the atmosphere is mixed with the contents of an expensive bottle of wine at exactly, but at the other end of the spectrum a simple plastic bottle opener which will pop the top off a bottle of fizzy drink is just as effective at doing its job and many would doubt that the actual pay-off to the consumer in flavor and enjoyment is little different though there would be a multiple of 100’s of times in considering the relative cost of the bottles to which the openers had been applied.
Traditionally it has been the beverage industry which has utilized promotional products openers to best effect and it’s not difficult to understand the reason. A bottle opener which carries the brand of say a famous beer label is likely to be kept and used and the rub-off effect for the association is a natural so a virtuous circle of promotional appeal develops. Of course a practical and simple way to make sure that you always have the tools on hand which need to open a bottle of your favorite foaming beverage is the key-ring bottle opener. Whether made of stainless steel, cast iron, simple and cheaply from plastic, there’s no doubt that a bottle opener which is always on hand and which doubles as a tag carrying your brand is powerful tool, especially when it’s called into play to open a bottle and provide instant refreshment. Your brand and your offer will not be forgotten and will be looked upon favorably thereafter once it has come to the rescue and proven its inherent value.
Larger, hand-held bottle openers are almost the same in hospitality venues and the fact that they must work efficiently and with a little attention is a given in the often fast-paced world of hospitality. Most bartenders had the own preferred style and once they’ve bonded with such an item it will seldom leave their side. The average drinker tends to notice the preferences of a beverage professional, if your company logo is outstanding enough and regularly used by a professional purveyor of alcoholic beverages the potential of your brand will also guarantee to increase.


Most Popular Promotional Beanies

As we are getting over the colder months of the year when traditionally Australian spend more time at home and concentrate on team sports like the various football codes and to capture the attention of the population. While Summer is a time of freedom and outdoor activity it is not necessarily the best time to be marketing to consumers as people are more engaged with the great things in the world which they can obtain for free and which Australia has in abundance. This is why winter and the colder time are a boon for Australian marketers and why you should think of promotional beanies as the weather changes and starts to favor indoor activities. promotional
Completed with embroidery of your logo and design, the promotional products have long been associated with the traditional alpine winter sports which dominate the Northern Hemisphere’s colder months, like skiing and tobogganing. But here in Australia, given the inherent qualities of beanies, they are also a perfect product to offer top people whose attention is drawn to the footballs or other activities which do not necessarily involve climbing a mountain or in the case of alpine sports in Australia, spending a month’s pay for a weekends frolicking in the snow. Next time the football graces the television screen in front of you, and believe me you won’t need to wait long for this to happen, look closely at the headwear of the people in the crowd and you’ll see that promotional beanies, custom embroidered with your logo or marketing message are a branding chance which you should not miss out on.
A product like a beanie which not only comes with an outstanding logo but which also offers personal comfort and fashion styling is the great promotional gifts for the Australian winter. You can take advantage of the inherent head warming attributes of a beanie, and you can take advantage of the high visibility nature of any branding you apply. A personal endorsement is the best reference anyone can receive in marketing and therefore beanies as an amazing headwear item are something you should consider in the colder months of the year. Promotional Beanies
As we mentioned above, promotional headwear is the best garment to provide an effective personal gift with high branding impact. People are glad to wear baseball caps or promotional visors. Over the warmer months of the year, which have a peak which keeps the glare of the harsh Australian sun from upsetting their eyes. But in the Winter months, when some would say headwear is just as important though for different reasons its only the humble beanie which appears as branding option for most companies in most situations. Look further into how an embroidered beanie can benefit your brand, and don’t forget it’s not just customers but members of your own staff who will appreciate these wonderfully effective promotional items.


Promotional Bags

Natural Cotton Promotional Bags in Popular

We have talked so many times here about the profit for a company in investing some of the marketing budget in promotional bags. However, the specifics of the individual bag categories and the advantage they offer to the wise businessmen have not been explored as deeply. This is why we now venture into the field of promotional bags to talk about the many chances which the present in a company’s use of them in its various fields of endeavor.
Many companies, in this day and age, use a branded promotional gifts as a way to signal their brand values and company direction. Of course anyone can make any claim in advertising, often it seems regardless of the law, however in this day and age many people are naturally skeptical of claims mad in advertising any claims made by way of the media for that matter. The overwhelming interest in “fake news” which has become a big problem in modern current affairs spills over into a general cynicism about everything people read online. This is going to be the world of business and now, more than ever before, consumers and business people are prone to question any claims which are made in the world of business and commerce. 
The importance of making “green” or eco friendly claims about a business is critical for its success these days. Whether the claims have any meaning or the efforts companies apply o reduce degradation of the environment are another thing totally, but over the past decade people have come to believe that specific actions are beneficial to the environment and are possibly to reward a company with their business if their claims are consistent with these beliefs. Promotional tote bags are one of those products which consumers immediately associate with eco consciousness. The reasons for people reacting positively to a company which hands out cotton bags either as a shopping gift or as a way to promote their branding to a wider audience is that there is an undeniable reality about cotton bags which side-steps the issues which come to the fore in the “fake news” era.
So, if you are looking for a practical device like a bag, which you plan to use at a conference, a tradeshow or at retail level consider the inherent advantages which cotton promotional bags offer. It is not only a highly effective way in which you can public the word about your brand, it is also a perfect device for which people will find a multitude of uses. At the end of the day this is the ultimate objective of promotional marketing, to find a product which people will not only delight in owning, but which will keep on working to promote your brand regardless of the sphere of influence in which it finds its home.


Cheap Promotional Charging Cables of Mobile Phones

It is all about instant communication for modern business and mobile devices have become an essential part of everyone’s day, so it seems like lifetimes ago that people had to depend on public telephones and fax machines to communicate with their suppliers and customers. For some people in earlier generations, of course, public phones and fax machines also seemed to be important leaps forward in technology, but it would be difficult to argue that the changes in the last two decades have been more significant and had a bigger effect onto working and daily lives of more people than innovations which occurred in the preceding 50 years. The reason is that mobile communication devices are a critical link in the business day of people it makes sense that there is a chance there for promotional marketers to make good use of the likelihood that people with whom they do business will need to recharge on the run and therefore items like promotional phone charging cables are a cost effective way to make sure your logo is printed to a custom promotional product which people will keep close at hand and use regularly. 
We found that the obvious changes in the way charging chords are designed is only as a marketing tool for the manufacturers of the main smart phone and tablet computer brands. We know that Apple and Samsung both use different charging chord configurations and as a result there is a limited ability to cross over between the systems. Equally, some people may have multiple devices and are unable to recharge from a single cable. This is why the promotional phone charging cables which feature multiple connection styles are very popular and salable. No matter what device you carry, or even if you have multiple devices you need not be without power again. Promotional products
As a corporate gift idea a 3 in one phone charger cable is difficult to beat. Everyone needs them and even people don’t have a direct business application for the charging cable gift you gave them they are unlikely to discard an item which has such a practical value. People may give it to one of their kids or somebody else in the office this gaining the admiration of the final recipient, some of which is doomed to be returned to you, the person responsible for initiating the whole process.
Working out the most useful way to allocate your promotional budget is emoting which keeps many business people occupied for months and ultimately there is no exactly right or wrong answer at the end of the process.
We are sure of one thing and that is finding item with genuine practical value which provides support and help in the daily lives of the recipients, and it is a perfect place to start when assessing the suitability of unique items to carry your brand. Therefore, the promotional mobile phone gear as a general category or promo merchandise which remains extremely popular and consequently one which all business marketers should keep as a perpetual choice.


Promotional Mints Help Freshen Up Your Brand

Canny businessmen are always in the market for the best product which has broad appeal and a very low unit cost. Therefore, promotional mints have to be close to the solution to this age old dilemma. The mints are popular among everyone, because they are very cheap, and the key point is that they can be used in many business situations. The wide range of pack styles and the good level branding chances which are available make these classic cost effective personal gifts a must have item for personal marketing.
Say your company has spent so much fortune on a trade show stand and wants to maximize the return on investment. A simple and proven way in which to attract more people to your display and keep them there for longer with a higher level of engagement is to hand out promotional confectionery to attendees. There are many different styles of mints amongst the most widely popular items available in the confectionery category. There’s a pack type and a product style for every marketing opportunity. Whether it is small branded packs of mints or promotional mint cards you’ll find the different choices cover all needs.
The significant promotional mint card has become one of the most popular ways in which people use mints. The fact that the sugar free mints are supplied in a handy business card sized receptacle which has high level branding included.
One of the major reasons they are such popular promotional items is the large scale opportunity for branding available on mint packs and mint cards. You can print anything you like on your order of mints so you can develop a message which plays off the product and adds value to your marketing. Now what you need to do is to consider how your company can use mints and what messaging will match your products and services with these popular confectionery items.
For salespeople and cold callers offering mints to people is a useful way to get a foot in the door and continue to get access. Handing out packets of mints to receptionists and business contacts keeps them on side so when they see you coming next time people will be joyful to see you. It’s amazing how such a simple device which costs so little has such a great affect.


Promotional Hand Fans for Summer

We’re always in the market for high level branding at a low level price in promotional industry, and in this respect there are no better options than promotional hand fans. The great range of colors, shapes, styles and forms means there is something available for most applications. The main reason is that these fans have a practical use. Not only can you display your support for a team or an event for others to see and for cameras to create lasting images, in the hot summer months of Australia a custom hand fan can keep things that few degrees cooler which makes all the difference between sweltering in uncomfortable heat and enjoying the show. 
Say you are marketing an outdoor event like a sporting fixture or a concert and there are concerns about the upcoming weather patterns. There are two things which can really ruin peoples’ interest of the event you’re staging. In many ways the excess heats is the worst because it threatens the health and wellbeing of attendees, while a sprinkle of rain is often only likely to share things up a little. Having the promotional fans on hand means that you are taking responsibility for people attending. Or otherwise, you can sell them at a concession stand so people are able to buy an item which gives them a lasting souvenir of the event and a constant reminder of the fun they had on the night in question.
As people line the roads they can not only provide personal cooling comfort while waiting to the motorcade or celebrities to arrive, the object of their devotion comes into view people can wildly wave their hand fans creating a sea of color and movement which adds to the whole scene and gets attendees involved intimately in the festivities.
If your company is planning an event or looking for a way to leverage a sponsorship involvement to ensure that people are aware of your investment and support you can’t go past a custom printed fan. The wide range of colors, shapes and styles available ensure that there’s a model available which will suit every purpose and marketing plan
Also, if your company cares the effects of alleged human caused global warming using cooling hand fans is a good way to provide people with a lasting memento of an event or function while not blowing the budget on high cost electricity. Promotional products have a genuine, practical application beyond their branding power and people appreciate the personal control a fan provides in keeping their own temperature at a cozy level.


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Awesome Promotional Food Trends

Should you give it away as a promo product if you make your money selling food? The connection seems like a natural fit, but the fact is that the food service industry looks first to apparel and hard goods when it comes to their promotional items needs.
Whereas, don’t discount food as a powerful gift, particularly as suppliers offer the capability to connected it into a kitted package. Mosinee, WI-based Maple Ridge Farms has added logoed promotional mugs, beach bags, towels, tumblers, cheese boards and office accessories to its food baskets from suppliers that distributors already trust. “The big thing for our distributor partners is they get to utilize those same supplier relationships and pair it together with our food gifts,” says Jodie Schillinger, director of customer care for Maple Ridge Farms. “Suppliers are trying to be more agile in competing with e-commerce. We’re competing with insta-click and ship. We need to ask ourselves, what are you doing to disrupt it back?”
As far as the cheap personalized trends, Schillinger says spice-infused foods and candies are popular now, echoing the National Restaurant Association report that saw ethnic spices come in at number 10 on its Top 20 Food Trends list for 2018 and number two on its Condiments and Accouterments forecast. Sea salt is also on-trend and very popular Schillinger says: Maple Ridge Farms’ sea salt chocolate caramels – a “rookie product just several years ago,” she adds – is now its bestselling chocolate. Customized logo promotions of wood is also trending, she says, in the form of crates to hold food and cutting boards inside food-gift baskets. 


New Trending of People Love Promos

I participated in the promotional products business field in my dismay over an article published by “Fast Company” magazine, which unfairly portrayed ad specialties as “cheap conference swag” and went so far as to call for getting rid of promos altogether.
On the contrary, the writer started out by stating what all of us in the industry would agree on: “I love a good promotional tote bag, especially if it’s from a brand I love. I have an NPR tote I got from a pledge drive. I confess that I canceled and re-subscribed to the New Yorker just so that I could get a new version of the tote that comes with membership.”
Every year, ASI publishes the Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, the result of thousands of consumer surveys taken worldwide. The study properly concludes that promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising and that 85% of people can recall the advertiser that gave them a logoed item.
What’s more, our study shows, the average American owns 10 promo products. And, the cost per impression of promotional merchandise can be as low as 1/10 of one cent, lower than nearly any other advertising medium, making it a great opportunity for smaller businesses who lack million-dollar advertising budgets.
Along with widely distributing our annual study, which we inspire distributors to cite when helping end-buyers publicize their brand with logos, event or cause through promo products, ASI went to Times Square to interview people from all over about their swag. In a subsequent video, we showcased a ton of positive consumer testimonials about the attractiveness, effectiveness and of logoed products. The testimonials were just a small part of the millions in positive PR the industry and its products have generated over the years. promotional gifts
As the bottom line says ASI will keep on beating the drum for promotional products. But it’s up to all of us in the industry to spread the word as well, wherever and whenever we can. ASI will also continue to encourage end-buyers to work with legitimate distributors to find cheap corporate gifts that people will use, keep and appreciate for years to come.
Actually, according to ASI’s research, all over the world, more than half of consumers report that they’ll give away a promo product they’re finished with rather than throw it out or file it away. Besides, about 80% of distributors in the swag industry are smaller or family-owned businesses or start-ups. Lots of those co’s have become more socially conscious in recent years, distributing more eco-friendly and American-made goods – while employing more people in their community.


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Promotional Strategy ‘Pancake Wear’ For IHOP

Promotional products firm based in Los Angeles has connected with IHOP to create the notable pancake house chain’s 2018 Winter Pancake Wear Collection. With prices ranging from $5 to $65, the line of logoed apparel and accessories includes everything from cheery holiday sweaters, tote bags with cheeky phrases and comfy pancake-themed socks, to sweatshirts, trucker hats, lounge pants, onesies and retro-inspired T-shirts. promotional products
“We are addicted with the chance to work with IHOP,” Brett Marz, co-founder of BAMKO, said in a statement. “IHOP is all about doing the unexpected, which matches so well with our mission at BAMKO, and is what makes this an exciting collaboration. Together, we’re going to create unique and innovative promotional items that further enhances the already iconic IHOP brand and invigorates the legions of passionate IHOP fans all over the world.”
The promo collection carries a charitable intent too. During the 2018 holiday season, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every lounge pant and onesie will benefit children’s health and wellness charities, including Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.
BAMKO, which is owned by publicly-traded Superior Group of Companies, expects to add new promotional giveaways throughout the months ahead. Also notable for promo professionals: Product pages in the Pancake Wear store prominently feature a link that tells California residents to click for warnings required by Prop 65, which is product safety legislation that applies in the Golden State. 
With reported 2017 North American promotional product revenue of nearly $80 million, BAMKO ranks 25th on Counselor’s new list of the biggest distributors in the industry. The firm debuted on the Top 40 list in 2018, and has driven growth organically and through acquisitions, including the acquiring of former Top 60 distributor Tangerine Promotions.