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Promotional Strategy ‘Pancake Wear’ For IHOP

Promotional products firm based in Los Angeles has connected with IHOP to create the notable pancake house chain’s 2018 Winter Pancake Wear Collection. With prices ranging from $5 to $65, the line of logoed apparel and accessories includes everything from cheery holiday sweaters, tote bags with cheeky phrases and comfy pancake-themed socks, to sweatshirts, trucker hats, lounge pants, onesies and retro-inspired T-shirts. promotional products
“We are addicted with the chance to work with IHOP,” Brett Marz, co-founder of BAMKO, said in a statement. “IHOP is all about doing the unexpected, which matches so well with our mission at BAMKO, and is what makes this an exciting collaboration. Together, we’re going to create unique and innovative promotional items that further enhances the already iconic IHOP brand and invigorates the legions of passionate IHOP fans all over the world.”
The promo collection carries a charitable intent too. During the 2018 holiday season, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every lounge pant and onesie will benefit children’s health and wellness charities, including Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.
BAMKO, which is owned by publicly-traded Superior Group of Companies, expects to add new promotional giveaways throughout the months ahead. Also notable for promo professionals: Product pages in the Pancake Wear store prominently feature a link that tells California residents to click for warnings required by Prop 65, which is product safety legislation that applies in the Golden State. 
With reported 2017 North American promotional product revenue of nearly $80 million, BAMKO ranks 25th on Counselor’s new list of the biggest distributors in the industry. The firm debuted on the Top 40 list in 2018, and has driven growth organically and through acquisitions, including the acquiring of former Top 60 distributor Tangerine Promotions.


High Quality Promotional Products with Logos

It’s secure to say many of us who work at Quality Logo Products are fans of anime, making artwork, and superheroes. Marie is just a typical example.
You know that Marie is someone who likes the Christmas season and would rather rhyme than sing when she talks. Her preference of animation is a great asset to her role as a Sales Assistant, which means more stellar designs for your promotional items. Promotional Products
Brief summary of educational history: I have a degree in animation and I’m currently working on a graphics degree, so it helps me a lot for logo-designed logo promotional items.
If you have one, what’s your biggest pet peeve? My biggest pet peeve is miscommunication.
Is there anything funny about you that not many people know? I’m really picky about the type of pens and paper I use.
If you could meet anyone famous, who would it be? Alphonse Mucha, a Czech painter from the Art Nouveau movement in the 19th century.
What’s your most and least favorite holiday? My favorite holiday is Christmas because of the atmosphere of the season, which allows me more inspiration for promo merchandise. My least favorite would have to be Sweetest Day. It’s basically Valentine’s Day 2.0.
Marie may not be a fan of Sweetest Day, but here at logo promotional products, we think all our employees are pretty lovely! That’s why we give them their own spotlight in a blog series. Whether it’s communicating effectively with customers or adding the finishing touch to a design, we know Marie will be there to save the day.


New Trend of Eco Friendly Promo Products

Nowadays, the environmentally friendly Promo products are top of the list for many companies. Available in all shapes and sizes there are a large number of eco-friendly promo items on offer these days today so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to get everything that you want. Eco-friendly solutions are a good promotional chance for offices, corporate businesses, retail stores, auto shops, restaurants and bars, and any other business that wants to make an impression without breaking the bank. There are logo-customized pens, office supplies, reusable bags, and plenty of other recycled and environmentally friendly products in this category. corporate gifts
We’ll confirm that you receive the most satisfactory promotional items with cheap prices and eco-friendly styles that will suit all of your marketing needs. Besides, we’ll help you create the perfect customization, no matter what you have in mind. If you want to be able to give and give back, these are the products that you need. Take the time to browse our selection and see what you can find.
What makes environmentally friendly promotional items a great opportunity for protecting the Earth is because of the fact that they are crafted out of materials that do not destroy our homeland. This is not the case with other giftsthat are typically made out of materials which do harm the environment. For instance, instead of getting drawstring bags made out of nylon, an engineered material that needs so many resources to be made, to hand out to customers to reward them for frequenting your business, what you could do is actually get them a tote bag crafted out of jute cloth that is free of chemicals and other harsh substances.
One was mentioned in the jute cloth tote while a few others include cloth wine carriers, recycled plastic water bottles and Frisbees, and notebooks crafted out of recycled paper. Each one of these options can be personalized too with your company or corporation’s name in an environmentally friendly way to see you can have them embroidered on the item or screen printed using a lower toxic ink.
To look into all the selections without putting much effort into it, log onto the Internet and browse the many retail shops that are on there. It is the fastest way to look at everything and you do not even have to hurt the environment to do it since being on the computer takes up a lot less energy than driving around in a vehicle looking for things. Protecting the Earth is just something all of us should do and to do your part at the end of the day, the next time you get promotional items for your company go with environmentally friendly promotional products.