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As 2018 is drawing to an end, and 2019 is coming to us, now it is a right time to look back at what happened over the last 12 months in the amazing world of promotional products marketing. As always the promotions industry tracks the average trends within society and this year remains the same that score with many new creations and practical giveaways making the cut as perfect product devices. Promotional
With a wide spread of clients in almost every industry the orders and requests made by Fresh Promotions clients are a typical example of the overall well-being of the market and the trends which marketers are following. There was an upswing regarding to promotional items amongst major marketing companies according to last year. Here are some insights into the products ordered and the direction in which marketing companies were dealing with their promotional activity.
Traditional promotional gift ideas like mugs and pens were as strong as they have ever been over the last 12 months but the real growth in sales has come from traditional products with a revised twist. This tends to confirm much of the promotional market is about innovation and novelty as we have always understood. A popular promotional product is one which has practical value and this is why typical promotional products which have a value beyond their ability to simply carry a logo will always be top of the pops when it comes to promotional marketing.
Maybe it is the weather of Australia, or maybe it is a trend towards eco friendliness but one of the most popular gifts this year has been insulated metal drink bottles. Combining the technical aspects of a thermos flask with its high level of vacuum insulation, the new range of metal bottles which have proven to be highly popular are copper lined which enhances the level of insulation offered and adds a further layer or integrity to the engineering. Available in ranges from 500ml through to a big size this range of insulated, double walled promotional bottles is said to be a hit with consumers and marketers alike. The fact that they can be branded with either laser engraving or screen printing of your logo is also a reason for them to have become popular marketing items.
And perhaps it’s also a sign of the times that when our minds are filled with the endless stream of flickering images which appear on the screens that the fidget cube and similar fidget products have become a popular branding device in 2017. With the local media taking notice of this trend and with thousands of people making them part of their daily lives the likelihood of people coming in contact with one of these amusing novelty products is higher than ever, therefore, many smart businessmen have rushed to make good use of the general appreciation and publicity they have generated.

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