Even now, as we live in an electronic world where electronic messages and electronic images are all about us throughout the day, there is still a place in the business world for old-fashioned printed messages. Let’s face it, when you want to quickly draft out a mere message or write down a phone number, it’s hard to beat the old standby of a pen and a piece of paper. As such, paged promotional notepads have been popular items that have a variety of business uses, but there are other options besides the classic wholesale notepad. In this case, we’re referring to the factory price sticky notepad, or some might say their most famous original retail brand, its notes. Originally invented by 3M, the semi-adhesive backing on a sticky note means the note can be attached to a surface, which improves its chances of being read, and even better, the same note could be removed without leaving any residual adhesive, it can be easily repositioned if you require it to stay handy, so it contains vital information that can be used as a persistent reminder or as A means by which information may be accessible.  
In an office environment, custom notes are a must-have. How many times have you experienced the problem of a message getting lost in cyberspace or a message being sent to a co-worker’s phone that they can’t recognize, thus overlooking and missing the timely information contained therein? With a custom note, this won’t happen. Rather than hiding in cyberspace waiting for a human to decide to check the inbox for any valuable information, custom sticky notes in a non-negligible spot on your computer screen or desktop – you just need to know why they are inherently advantageous in ensuring your message gets to the right person in a timely manner.
Another plus besides their inarguable office usability is the fact that people love to have these custom notepads on hand and will use them themselves in everyday life, home, and custom promotional products business. So if you are seeking an inexpensive way for your brand to contact details to be recognized by customers, it is hard to go past printing a batch of sticky notes and sending them through the post. In this day and age, when the old-fashioned way of doing business is on the decline, one of the real advantages is that the post-it notes you order can be easily mailed out to the lucky recipient. Simply put them in an envelope with a copy of your latest invoice or monthly bill, and you can expand your marketing campaign without a significant financial investment. Of course, people will be happy to receive your invoices if there’s a handy business gift for them. And of course, with your brand and message being added to every leaf, you have an ongoing messaging system in place to post your message whenever a handy personal message is plastered on the surface in the hope that someone will see it and respond.

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