How to wash your jeans to keep good color

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Many jeans wholesalers are afraid of ordering custom jeans. Today you’re going to learn some tips on how to reduce risk while customizing jeans and how to wash your jeans.  
First, you should do jeans design research. We’d like to know whether this kind of jeans is popular in your market. Second, let the jeans factory you worked with make samples for you. In this step, you will see if the jeans sample is as you wish. If so, you can start making a trial order to test your market. If the jeans sell well, you can order them again.
1 You can choose any material and change any design. In other words, you can control the price.
2 If you have a brand, you can request to put your brand logo on the jeans and accessories.
3 Maybe you have a hard time finding some good jeans to sell sometimes. Custom jeans are your next choice.
So, how to wash your jeans?
1. When you purchase a new evening dress, you should soak it in water with white vinegar (white vinegar: water = 1:20) or put the wedding dresses in saltwater for 20-30 minutes; in this step, it maintains the color of the original jeans.
2. Wash dark or light-colored jeans separately. Mixing them will cause the colors to dye with each other.
3. Do not make the jeans blenched.
4. Avoiding direct sunlight exposure. Sunlight exposure causes seriously fading on the jeans.
5. Hang dry jeans in a ventilated area: without ventilation, Denim pants will not dry easily and will produce odor.
6. Turn the jeans inside out when u wash and dry the jeans
7. Washing your hands is better than washing in a machine. Don’t wash jeans with a brush.

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